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Lithium ion battery pack 18650 48V 20Ah
Build Time:2021-06-04


Product Type:Lithium ion battery

Product Color:Blue

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Name: Li-ion 18650 battery pack 
Model NO 18650 13S6P
Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal capacity 20Ah
single cell Li-ion 18650 3350mAh
Cycle life 500-1000 times
Jacket PVC
Demension 259*121*75mm or customized
Net weight 2.45Kg
Connector Accept customized requirement
Operating Environment charging:0°C~45°C;  65±20RH
discharging:-20°C~60°C; 65±20RH
Storage Environment -20°C~35°C; 65±20RH
storage for a long time(>3 months)and the storage condition shall be:<35°C;65±20RH
Key Features
1.High energy density.
2.Long cycle life,more than 500 cycles.
3.Environmental Friendly Chemistry
4.High Rate Charge/Discharge
solar power system,electric bicycle,electric motorcycle,E-scooter,golf trolley,golf carts, medical instrument,computer server center and so on.

The below model list is only for reference.
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Model NO Voltage Capacty(mAh) Dimension(mm)
18650-2P1S 3.7 4400 36*20*65
18650-2P1S 3.7 5200 36*20*65
18650-3P1S 3.7 6600 54*20*65
18650-3P1S 3.7 7800 54*20*65
18650-2S1P 7.4 2600 36*20*65
18650-2S1P 7.4 3000 36*20*65
18650-3S1P 11.1 2200 54*20*65
18650-3S1P 11.1 3000 54*20*65
18650-4S1P 14.8 2600 80*20*65
18650-10S4P 36V 10Ah 205*85*75
18650-10S6P 36V 20Ah 205*115*75
18650-13S5P 48V 15Ah 290*97*75
18650-13S9P 48V 30Ah 290*170*75